Digital Advertising –
Design & Animation

Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics, Front-End Development
Project Overview
At Copacino Fujikado, I worked to design and develop digital and social media advertising assets for a range of brands including Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Holland America Line, Seattle Goodwill and more.
My Process
My role varied according to the needs of the project, but the typical process looks like something this:

1. Receive an approved static banner ad from an Art Director in a single size, typically 300x250.
2. Design and build banner art for all other required sizes, with guidance from Art Director and clients as needed.
3. Export art assets and begin building HTML files for each banner once art for all sizes has been approved.
4. Review animation and overall design of one size with Art Director and client; once approved, build out finalized HTML assets for all sizes based on the approved version.