Pride Brand Guide

Web Design, Content Management, Animation
Project Overview
While working at Copacino Fujikado, a Seattle-based advertising agency, I took on a leading role in conceptualizing, designing, and producing an all-new website as part of an overall brand refresh. As part of this project, I  conducted competitive research, created wireframes for key pages in desktop and mobile layouts, created a low-fidelity prototype to demonstrate the structure and navigation of the site, and collaborated closely with our developer partners to ensure the final product closely matched our team's vision.
Project Overview
The brainchild of several LGBTQ+ employees at Copacino Fujikado, Pride Brand Guide was a microsite aimed at providing relevant and authentic information to brands engaging with Pride month. I designed and built this site from scratch in two weeks with the goal of providing engaging, authentic visuals and easy access to relevant information for brands.
Copacino Fujikado

Tools Used:
Webflow CMS, Adobe Photoshop & After Effects

The site was launched shortly before Pride month and was immediately well received, garnering  praise and adoption from our clients, over 4 million impressions during June of 2019, as well as write-ups in industry publications such as The Drum, Shoot, Media Post, and AdForum.